Dog Socialization

Socialize Your Puppy


Dogs who are well socialized when young grow up to be much more friendly, social, confident and stable than those who are contained and isolated. 

Houston Dog Whisperer Help

Dago enjoy6off leash dog hike

No matter your dog's age, the Houston Dog Whisperer will help you and your puppup learn to enjoy gallivanting in our big beautiful world! You will take great confidence in knowing that you can trust your pup to behave reliably and respect your guidance given any situation he faces.

Coach and Guide as You Socialize


Only begin socializing your dog when you are in the mind set and have the skills of pack leader. It is your job to communicate the rules and boundaries of our domesticated world. Taking youyour pup out and letting him make wrong behavior choices creates great instability. 

8 Important Ways to Socialize Your Dog

Donni with her pit bull

1. Other Dogs - All Ages, Sizes, Breeds

Your canine needs role models of his own species to play with and learn from.

Puppy only play groups are the blind leading the blind. More value comes from stable older pack members who provide leadership to the juveniles. 

2. People - All Ages, Male/Female, Varying Colors/Ethnicities

  • From babies, toddlers, children, and teens to  adults, seniors and elders
  • People with beards, hats, canes, glasses, wheelchairs, uniforms, umbrellas, walkers
  • Service and delivery people. House guests.

3. Distractions During the Walk

  • Other dogs being walked - on and off leash
  • Dogs barking, racing, slamming at fence lines
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, joggers, trash trucks, buses, trash cans, loud fast cars

4. Other Pets and Animals

Cats, horses, deer, inanimate animals that look real

5. Out and About in Our World

  • Rides in the car, fast food windows, panhandlers 
  • Cafe and taco patios,  fairs, farmers markets, festivals, ball games
  • Hardware store, car repair llobby, fire station
  • Places where people clap, yell, cheer 

6. Loud Noises

Fireworks - Sirens - Thunder - Vacuum 

Lawnmower - Car Wash drive throughs


7. Unusual Surfaces

Grates - Slippery Linoleum and Hardwood 

Bridges - Elevators - Bridges 

Boats and Boat Ramps 

8. Water

Creeks - Swimming Pools - Ocean

Bathtub  - Sprinklers  - Streams  - 


Houston Dog Whisperer Swimming Pool Lessons

We'll teach your dog not oonly to swim, but more important how to get out of your pool if he falls in aand gets disoriented. We put a visual helper like a flag or pot on the steps so he can find them.