Puppy Training

Nipping - Biting - Pulling on Lead - Barking - Chewing - Digging - Coming When Called - Social


  • Puppy up to 6 months
  • Adolescent/juvenile 6 mos. to 1.5 years
  • Young adult at 1..5 years

XL breeds take longer to mature

We offer a 10 day puppy training boarding program for busy puppy parents. Call/text us 720-304-5727


The key to easy puppy training is simple.  Change daily routines into rituals which have great meaning to the puppy. These establish you as the leader who your puppy not only loves and trusts, but respects as well! We'll teach you how.

Our Home Behavior Consult


Our 2 to 3 hour home consult gives you and your family simple techniques which are easy to learn and replicate - even for kids!  You learn how to get and keep your pup on the right track.

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What We Teach Puppies - Obedience, Pleasant Temper, Social Grace


Obedient Polite Manners Puppy Training

  • Humans start all play and end all play.
  • Never use your mouth on humans or other dogs. 
  • Don't hunt the cat. 
  • Keep four-on-the-floor.  Don't jump up.
  • Relax on your special place, not the furniture. 
  • Your crate is your safe restresting place, not prison. 
  • Only bark when someone comes to the front door. Clock off the job when told. 
  • Walk like a feather on the leash. 
  • Humans own all food and toys. 
  • Only poop and pee on the walk or in your backyard pea gravel sand box.

Balanced Temperament Puppy Training

Friendly - Calm - Relaxed - Trusting 

Calm - Confident - Respectful  - Obedient 

Social Friendliness Puppy Training

Good puppy experiences early on  create adult dogs who are more friendly, social, and confident than those who are isolated and contained. We'll make sure you do not miss the important window of socializing your pup from 2 to 8 months old when beliefs about our world are formed.

It's Not Too Early to Start Training Your Puppy

White labrador retriever puppy litter mates

Training actually began at birth with the k9 mom!

We'll help you get your pup on the right track before nipping, leash pulling, jumping and other bad habits set in.

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