Mom and Kids Learning to Walk Rescue "Pearl"

Private Home Consult

At Our Arrival

There are a few important things to know about Houston Dog Whisperer home consults.

 First, we meet with the humans - adults and kids only - when we arrive, with the dog(s) put in separate back rooms. We start with the kids so adults don't put words in their mouths, and listen to each of their "storstories" about the dog.  (Each human brings a different perspective to the table.)  

Often with the kids we talk about why their puppy is jumping or nipping, and lay the foundation for empowering the child to take back the reins of  control using light body language and energy, not physically battling the pup. Kids are naturals!

Next we progress to the adults. Quite often, tthe female is in left field, nurturing, coddling, humanizing her teddy bear with a heartbeat while the male is in right field venting frustration and even anger.  Our discussions about human vs dog psychology help bring both to center field where we need you to be. 

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  • Offered 7 days a week. Include the kids!
  • Children and adults learn to become calm assertive leader of calm submissive dog.
  • One session is all 99% clients need.
  • All behavior issues are addressed, from pulling on the walk and jumping on people to barking, biting, and more.
  • Temperament is assessed and differences in how dogs think about human over permissiveness explained.
  • We remain free for life of dog for phone help.

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On To Meet and Assess the Dog

We then progress to meet each dog in the back rooms. You are behind us so the dog can look over our shoulder and see you. Our intent is never to create any fear or anxiety. We present ourself as pack leader. The message to each individual dog is that we mean no harm and have arrived to bring help to the pack.

 They dog can react and respond in 1 of 4 ways: fight, flight, avoidance, susubmission. This tells us the story from his perspective, and now the progress begins.

Dogs love these sessions. The are hungry for the two things thzt represent love to them:

1.  Being told their exact place in the pack.

2.  Understanding from a canine perspective exactly how they're supposed to behave in all places and situations. 

"This is so easy!"

Most of our clients  do not need anything more than ONE home consult. The light bulbs in their brain go on and across the board they comment, "I can't believe how easy this is!" 

Dogs and animals are not complicated. It is we humans who bring in the complexities! You learn to become your dog's calm assertive leader. Your dog transitions to becoming your calm submissive follower. Our methods are gentle, silent and respectful. Natural dog training mirrors the ways of mother nature,  and she gets it right!

If we do not bring you help, there is no charge. 

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