About Us

Natural Dog Training , Behavioral Modification, Whispering and Pack Leadership

Produces results fast and easily compared to other methods which often over excite or punish.

Reasonable Pricing, Results in Short Order

Houston Dog Whisperer is often the last ditch effort for owners of challenging dogs. We price our service very affordably. And our approach of training you to lead negates the expensive need for signing up for ten sessions or sending the dog away for a couple of weeks. 

Whisperer Donielle/Donni

  • 24 years experience 
  • Dog behavior training at Max Planck Institute 
  • Masters degree in human psychology 
  • Apprenticed with over 20
  • Uniquely effective with dogs who are dominant and aggressive, gladiator breeds like pit bulls and rotties, and all children including those who are autistic
  • Splits residency between Houston and Boulder (Denver Dog Whisperer)

houston dog whisperer 2019 bark excellence winner