Dog Temperament

Nature vs. Nurture


 A dog's  temperament refers to his:

  • Personality, and demeanor, 
  • Habitual states of mind and being,
  •  What he believes about the world.

Dogs are born with natural energy levels which range from low and medium to high and high-high. They are also born with leanings towards dominance and submission.  But they are not born with issues.

Humans tend to inadvertently create undesirundesired states of mind and behaviors in dogs. This is often the result of ill timed affection plus not meeting the dog's needs for exercise and structure. 

The Houston Dog Whisperer groups Temperament iinintinto three categories :  (1) Desired. (2) Needs Work, and (3) Red Zone.


Dog at beach

  • Calm and stable
  • Comfortable
  • Loving and trusting 
  • Free of worry and stress 
  • Relaxed and affectionate 
  • Happy go lucky 
  • ResRespectful and obedient 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Friendly with people
  • Social with dogs
  • Readily shares
  • Melts with touch 

Needs Work - Needs Help FAST!

Eli and Golden retriever

  • Cautious and aloof
  • Reserved and suspicious 
  • Stressed and worried 
  • Dominant and bullying 
  • Tense, skittish, jumpy
  • Pushy, challenging, disrespectful 
  • Over excited, hyper
  • Fearful, anxious 
  • Nervous, distrustful 
  • Overly submissive 
  • Bristles with touch

Red Zone - Rock Bottom Fear or Harmful Aggression - Get Immediate Help!

3 dogs meet

  • Fleeing, hiding 
  • Running away 
  • Threatening, growling 
  • Snapping, biting 
  • Lunging without backing off
  • Intends to inflict harm on people and/or other dogs 

If Your Dog Needs Work or is Red Zone


Sign up for a Houston Dog Whisperer home behavior consult. 

We start each session by assessing the dog's temperament.  This gives us important information on how to best move forward to achieve calm obedient peace. 

With dominant dogs, a leader must first earn respect; with fearful dogs, trust.