Stop Your Dog or Puppy from Jumping Up on People

Does your dog accost you with a "hug" when you return home? Does she "greet" each house guest by charging at them and jumping up if not dragged out to the backyard first?

Why Dogs Jump on People


Jumping on you reestablishes  the pup's position as leader after the pack has been separated. In the animal world, whomever touches the other first "owns" the other.  Dog is either leader or follower withwith no shades of gray. There is no politcally correct negotiation or compromise which grounds us humans. 

A dog jumping on other dogs communicates  dominance and huge disrespect.  Other displays of dog dominance are putting their head over the back of another, their paw on, wrestling, nipping and pinning down. If your dog  does similarly with humans, he is conveying disrespect for our place in the world relative to his throne.

Tips for Stopping Dog and Puppy Jumping


1.  Do not back up, turn sideways or raise your knee. All of these communicate submission to your dog. 

2.  Claim ownership of space and your body.  When your dog begins her launch, take a few steps towards her to close the distance. Touch her first (the haunches, not face). Use touch that emulates the k9 mom guiding a pup, a nose poke. Help every family member including your kids learn to do the same. 

Match your dog's energy.  If your energy is too low, your dog will ignore; if too high, you'll be needlessly steamrolling your pup.

3.  Claim ownership of guests and other people around your dog.  Require that your pup maintain a respectful social space with all people, around 3 to 5 feet. If she approaches too closely, intervene using the same techniques as in #2.