Dog and Puppy Fear

Black Lab puppy

Houston Dog Whisperer helps fearful anxious dogs transition to calm confident relaxation and trust.

We mentor you with a customized strategy which has techniques tailored to your dog's specific temperament and needs. Together we help your dog learn to comfortably enjoy hurdling challenges and becoming part of all our world has to offer.

Canine Body Language - Signs of Fear and Anxiety

  • Whining 
  • Pupils dilated 
  • Tail hung low/tucked
  • Panting, salivating 
  • Tightly closed mouth
  • Fleeing/hiding 
  • AvoidAvoiding source 
  • Lip licking 
  • Pacing 
  • Furrowed brow
  • Frozen stiff posturing
  • Shaking/trembling 
  • Bowed lowered head
  • Overly stretching 
  • High pitched barking 

Top 4 Mistakes by Owners of Anxious Dogs

1.  Affectionate Reassurance 

When we hold and comfort a dog who hhas a needless fear (lawnmower for ex), our affection serves to reward the pup's unstable state of mind.  We are telling the dog that we desire his fear which could not be further from the case. This is a strategy which resonates with human kids but teaches imbalance in canines.

Instead we need to disagree with the dog's point of view and affford him the chance for his coping mechanisms to kick in. Mother nature equips animals with the ability to cope, learn and move forward.  We humans cannot rush the process. 

2.   Avoiding the Causes of the Dog's Discomfort and Fear

You steering your dog away from other people walking their dogs or the flapping trash can lid means something different to your dog than you.

YOU:  I don't want any problems and I want you to feel comfortable. 

DOG:  There is obviously grave reason for concern and distrust. I dont get it but I must protect my human who is nervous and weak. 

3.   Letting Fear Escalate instead of Blocking and Disagreeing with it

You need to communicate "I disagree with what you are thinking and feeling " EARLY. Block the thought before the dog's energy and excitement skyrocket. You have lost her once she's in that feral primal zone.

4.   Ignoring Early Warning Signs and Letting Fear Snowball

Signs that your dog needs leadership help include her being overly shy and submissive, always tailgating/shadowing you, rolling over and even peeing when meeting other dogs and people.  Your dog was not born with these issues and they are not what mother nature intended. 


Too many trainers throw treats at fearful unstable dogs and recommend that you do the same.  This only tells the dog that the human is nervous. insecure and does not know how to communicate with dog which creates great distrust. 

Engage a behaviorist like the Houston Dog Whisperer who knows how to earn respect from dominant dogs and trust from fearful dogs.

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