Expert Dog Trainer, Natural Dog Training, Behavior Modification, Pack Leadr

The Houston Dog Whisperer brings help for dogs with challenging behaviors

Private home consults and board/train polishings

Any age. Any size. Any breed. Any PROBLEM!

Effective Dog Training Results in Short Order

Nipping/Biting - Leash Pulling - Barking

Lunging - Charging - Jumping - Fear

Anxiety - Destructive - Disrespect

Recall - Rough Play - Dominance

Aggression - Territorial - Fighting

Toy/Food Possessive - Hyper

Over Excited - Ignoring

You will learn ...

Houston Dog Whisperer

  • The differences between human and dog psychology, and why these are important. 
  • How to create relaxed, obedient respect in your dog as his/her calm assertive leader. 
  • How fast and easily natural dog training produces desired results compared to other methods which often over-excite or punish.

Expert dog trainer Whisperer helps dogs become polite, respectful, balanced and comfortable in their own skin.


  1. Temperament  -  State of mind /psychological and state of being/physical
  2. Obedience - Polite manners with respect for rules, limitations and boundaries
  3. Socialization - Reliable confident behaviors with people of all ages  and other dogs in all situations 

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