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The Houston Dog Whisperer brings help for dogs with challenging behaviors

Expert home behavior consults with fast results

Any age, size, breed, PROBLEM!


Effective Dog Training Results in Short Order

Nipping/Biting - Leash Pulling - Barking

Lunging - Charging - Jumping - Fear

Anxiety - Destructive - Disrespect

Recall - Rough Play - Dominance

Aggression - Territorial - Fighting

Toy/Food Possessive - Hyper

Over Excited - Ignoring

You will learn ...

Houston Dog Whisperer

  • The differences between human and dog psychology, and why these are important. 
  • How to create relaxed, obedient respect in your dog as his/her calm assertive leader. 
  • How fast and easily natural dog training produces desired results compared to other methods which often over-excite or punish.

Expert dog trainer Whisperer helps dogs become polite, respectful, balanced and comfortable in their own skin.

Dog training

  1. Temperament  -  State of mind /psychological and state of being/physical
  2. Obedience - Polite manners with respect for rules, limitations and boundaries
  3. Socialization - Reliable confident behaviors with people of all ages  and other dogs in all situations 

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